Tidewater Investment Company is a private investment firm targeted to high net worth individuals and family offices. Our firm offers unique access to an array of investment opportunities along the risk-reward spectrum. We feature a team of experienced private company investors as well as a network of successful business professionals.

About us

Tidewater Guiding Principles


We aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through a disciplined investment process.


We endeavor to align our interests with those of our investors and portfolio companies.


We make concentrated, value-oriented investments in companies with differentiated products and services addressing significant customer needs.


We feature a model that gives investors a wide spectrum of investment options and allows for deal structures that most effectively fit an opportunity.


We leverage the industry insights, operating expertise and relationships of our network to provide and create value.

Tidewater Investment Model

For investors, Tidewater provides unique access to private company investments for high net worth individuals, family offices and small institutional investors. Tidewater is not a typical fund. We prospect and select participants to invest on a deal-by-deal basis, without any commitment to membership or ongoing obligation. Our team is committed to this investor-friendly, non-fund model that offers the utmost in flexibility for our participants.

Tidewater Investment Model

For business owners, Tidewater serves as a resource to offer liquidity, facilitate generational transition, strengthen a company’s financial position, accelerate growth and enter new markets. Accordingly, we seek opportunities in business niches to find companies that have distinguished themselves through execution and innovation. We then work closely with management teams, leveraging our operational expertise and our network to take these businesses to the next level.

Tidewater Investment Model