South Atlantic Packaging Our 2022: Focusing on Growth and Quality

South Atlantic Packaging | Dec 13, 2022 |

In July, we opened a new 154,000 square foot facility that offers easy access to I-635 and the local freeway networks and features 30-foot clear ceiling height with 18 dock doors. Our newest South Atlantic facility serves current and future customers in the Southwest with the same quality and agility we provide in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Extending our Embedded Network

Over the summer, we added our seventh embedded location in Columbus, Ohio. As we mentioned previously, there are several advantages for 3PLs and manufacturers to work with copackers who can get the job done within the 3PL’s own facility:

  • You’ll know the exact packaging price per unit.
  • You don’t have to manage temporary labor. We’ll do it for you.
  • You control your inventory, which means you control your lead-time and have a tighter control costs.
  • No need to train workers to package your products or stress about keeping them motivated.

SQF Excellence

One of the accomplishments we are most proud of is our SQF certifications at all four of our fully operated facilities in 2022. In our goal to become America’s go-to contract packager, we know safety and quality are among the most important qualities to establish trust with consumers. As we go into the holidays, our facilities in Winston-Salem, Indianapolis, Tampa and Reading have all achieved the top SQF category of Excellent in our scores. In 2023, we look forward to lining up our newest facility in Dallas for the SQF certification process.

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